Best Ways to Save Money When You Become a Parent

How to Save Money When You Become a Parent

When your baby first comes, you’ll begin to feel that the money is just disappearing from your account. Pediatrician, kids’ clothes, medicines, etc., are all costs that come up when you get your first kids. Here are some ways that you can begin saving cash.

Hospitals will give you lots of baby stuff, but you need to ask for it. Apart from the standard fair goods, the doctor tells you about, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to leave coupons or samples in maternity wards for the fledgling parents. But you must ask for them, as most nurses are probably too busy and might forget.

Always try to breastfeed if you can, not only will you give your kids the healthier choice, but you won’t have to pay for costly formula. Your hospital might give you breastfeeding advice for free, and if it doesn’t there are certain locations that do, so try to ask around.

As much as you might want to buy clothes your kids will grow into, their growth spurts are too unpredictable for that. Even if the clothes are on sale, they might just outgrow them in a week and make that purchase useless. Avoid buying shoes as well, they don’t need them and can actually make their first steps harder. Only buy booties for when it’s cold outside and you need to be warm.

You’ll receive a lot of gifts at the beginning, and not all of them are going to be good for you. If you have unwanted gifts, return them as soon as possible, before the time limit is up.

Don’t buy lots of bottles before your baby is born, your child might just not like them. Odds are you’ll just have to get a new one they’ll like more. But the opposite is true for diapers, there is no such thing as buying too much. Those bulk diapers in Costco will end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Apps and financial programs are also available for you and your kids even when they grow up. Programs like Go Henry are great for managing their finances for instance, and can help you curb their eventual spending when they get older.

Buying a stroller is pretty much the same as buying a car. Test drive them before you make the purchase, and if you don’t like it return it and find a new one.

Whenever you visit your pediatrician, he’ll probably have some product samples he can give you for free, and save you some money. You might not even need to see him, as some experienced doctors can diagnose the disease over the phone, and save you the trip and consultation cost. Lastly, you’ll need a digital or rectal thermometer which are more accurate than ear thermometers, while also being cheaper.