How to Choose the Right Breast Pump

Different Types of Breast Pumps and How to Choose the Right One

Choosing a breast pump could be a daunting task, especially for new mothers. It is not about getting any breast pump presented to you. It’s about getting the best breast pump for you – one that will fulfill the entire aim of getting the pump in the first place. Below is a an explanation of the thoughts of lactation experts, nursing mums and other professionals in the field on the available varieties of breast pumps, and how to pick the best and most fitting pump for you. If you want to just skip the article and go straight to the in-depth reviews, I find the the best breast pumps at

Types of Breast Pumps

There are three major types of breast pumps made to extract milk from the breast of nursing mothers, and they include the manual breast pump, the electric breast pump and the battery powered breast pumps.

The manual breast pumps are a designed with a lever or handle which could be squeezed with the hand to create a degree of suction on the breast. As the suction extracts the milk from the breast, it drops in a container through a pipe, and this can be poured into the baby’s feeding bottle later. Another type of manual breast pump is the one that comes with a hollow rubber ball instead of a lever or handle. This rubber ball is placed on the breast and squeezed physically to extract the milk.

The electric breast pump comes with a small motorized pump equipped with a dial, and it is this dial that controls the degree of suction that happens. It is actually the system that is very easy to use.

The battery powered breast pump is similar to the electric breast pump. It also comes with a motorized pump that takes care of the suction when switched on. This makes it easier than the manual breast pump too.

Choosing the Best Breast Pump

So, when you are choosing the breast pump to use, you have to consider the convenience first. Of course, the electric and battery systems are more convenient than the manual system because of the hand pumping. You should also look at the number of breasts you want to be extracting milk from at any giving time. Would you want to work on the two breasts at the same time, or would you rather do one at any given time? This will determine if you will go for the manual or single pumps. In this angle, it is the electric breast pump that normally comes in form of the double pump. The manual and battery powered versions are almost always single pumps.

When going for the breast pumps, you should also consider how long you will be using the pump, whether you will be using it at home or outside your home, whether there will be a private place for you to do the pumping and the amount of time you will need to do the pumping.

Also consider the availability of replacement batteries and electric outlets, the storage space for each one you will be buying, where you will store the milk and how to clean the breast pump. At the long last, you should also look at the budget you have for the pump. It simply informs the one you can afford.